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Award Wining Photographer Tom Griffiths FIH

30 August 2011

A Freelance Travel Photographer Tom Griffiths was born on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula (Abersoch) in North Wales where he developed his passion for photography. Tom is now based in Derbyshire and wants to share his passion with you by offering his work for sale. Tom served twenty-four years in The Royal Air Force, flying on 10 Sqn, 32 Sqn and The Queen’s Flight. Tom has plenty of imagination to produce high quality photographs. Always looking for that rare moment his goal is to create uplifting images that would show his perspective of the world. He now spends his time travelling the world capturing good honest subjects and turns his eye to the unlimited boundaries of all types of photography that would grace any home. "My photographs are generally "as shot" You can choose your photographs from Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife and Abstracts. Choose the perfect image for your home or office". Tom is always looking at ways to improve his techniques by travelling the world to capture that shot. So far it has been a great experience. Tom will be constantly adding photographs to the collection.

"My great passion in life is photography. I have travelled the world with the RAF and still travel as much as I can. I believe that travel broadens your view of the world. I have experienced other cultures, meeting people from other communities and by seeing the beauty of the world it has helped me understand the people. Photography has made me a better person in many ways as I appreciate my surroundings through my photography".

"I illustrate and capture a scene and events as I see them and want to share them with others. My photographs are taken with a Nikon D7000 and various Nikon lenses. I visited Alaska in May of this year 2011 and you will see some great photographs here of Landscapes and Wildlife". Please have a look and enjoy the photographs. - Favourite photographs

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